Welcome to GHVOs! I’ve been a professional voice over actor and singer for 18 years! From NYC, formerly with CESD Talent Agency for 13 yrs and a fully vested SAG/AFTRA member, I've been the Voice of 1000s of Television and Radio Commercials in campaigns for Fortune 500 and Most Admired companies, 1000s of Television Promos for Award-Winning Television Networks and Automatic Dialogue Replacement. For the past 5 years, I’ve also voiced 1000s of Corporate Narrations, Medical Narrations, Welcome Videos and Tours, Whiteboard Animations, Explainer Videos, E-Learning Courses, Telephony/IVR/On-Hold Messaging, Radio Station Imaging, Live Broadcast, Children's Audio Books, Medical Books and Book Trailers. I specialize in editing my VO to royalty-free music and clients’ videos. As a former pre-veterinary medical student, veterinary technician and assistant to two preeminent scientists, I have a strong command of medical and scientific terminology. I record from my broadcast level studio with state-of-the-art equipment using pro software, and I always provide exceptional client care.

My voice has been described as genuine, natural, believable, conversational, warm, textured, raspy, sincere, trustworthy, fun, wry, comedic, like the girl-next-door, genuine, caring, motherly, authoritative, dramatic and sexy. I am a warm, friendly, fun, professional, service-oriented hard worker and am known to deliver everything my clients need for the job and exceeding their expectations!


Medical & Scientific Narrations

As a former pre-veterinary medical student, veterinary technician and assistant to two preeminent scientists, I have a strong command of medical and scientific terminology.

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Meantime, here are a few examples...

Confessions of a Radiation Oncologist: What you don't know about Cancer and Radiation Therapy. An Illustrated Guide for Patients. by Bobby Koneru, Alla Zarifyan (Editor), Carolyn Wittstone (Foreword), Narrated by Genevieve Hannon for Audible

Confessions Of A Radiation Oncologist -Learn All You Need To Know About Cancer & Radiation Therapy From The Experts. If you or a family member has ever been diagnosed with cancer, radiation therapy was very likely mentioned as an option for treatment. Knowledge Is Power - Learn Everything About Radiation As It Is Explained By A Nationally Recognized Radiation Oncologist. 



The author, Dr. Bobby N. Koneru, is a national expert in the specialty of radiation oncology and radiosurgery. Dr. Koneru is a TEDx speaker and primary author of several publications in major peer reviewed journals. With "Confessions of a Radiation Oncologist", Dr. Koneru will guide you through the complex specialty of radiation oncology. Unlike most other patient books written on radiation treatment, this book will be your personal consultant with detailed illustrations, rich patient examples and personal stories. 



The #1 Reader Friendly Book That Every Cancer Patient Should Read. 
Written in a comprehensive way, this illustrated guide for patients offers priceless knowledge in every type of cancer, making it the best choice for any patient. 

Specifically, every chapter has: 
Analysis of different types of cancer
Detailed descriptions of potential side effects and solutions
Resources for cancer patients outline
A personal patient story
Real life patient examples and stories
Frequently asked questions
Explanation of complex terms

Get Advice From The Experts - Fight Cancer With Confidence & Knowledge. - Goodreads, 5-stars


I created this video for one of my ongoing clients, Dr. John Boren, a chiropractor, inventor and CEO and Founder of the Lordex® Corporation  and Energee® Spine Care in Houston, Texas. Included in this creation were all voice overs, all royalty-free music, all royalty-free or clients' images, all editing, all transitions, all Keynote (PowerPoint) generated graphics, all titles and effects and all timing/editing done by me. :) This video, with tweaks, all took me about 25 hrs. It's a 7 min pro video for marketing that the client heavily collaborated on with me and this is the result! We are all psyched! Normally, I am VO actor, but, as a now pro audio engineer in Adobe Audition CC and video editor in Adobe Premiere Pro, I am really getting into video production and editing along with my favorite item - music! Enjoy! 

Discover the latest Lordex® creation. The Lordex® Robotic Decompression Super Chair. From the first developer of non-surgical spinal decompression, comes the latest and most comfortable technology to help with back pain. Watch to learn about the evolution of contemporary treatment of spinal pain and watch the Lordex® Super Chair in action.


I am delighted to have been the voice over actor for this wonderful animation for CCL's Advanced Glutathione Supplements plus the real testimonials from customers. Cute animation! Advanced Glutathione spray is a powerful antioxidant that can aid with maladies including: slowing the aging process, osteoarthritis, treating or preventing alcoholism, asthma, cancer, hepatitis, heart disease & high cholesterol, liver disease, chronic fatigue, memory loss & Alzheimer's disease.


Announcing Genes in Space 2018 - Design and Launch your DNA Experiment to Space! Calling all students in grades 7 through 12: Pioneer research on the International Space Station by designing your DNA experiment for space. Genes in Space is a science contest that challenges students to design original DNA experiments that address real-life challenges and opportunities of space exploration.






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