Welcome to GHVOs! I’ve been a professional voice over actor and singer for 18 years! From NYC, formerly with CESD Talent Agency for 13 yrs and a fully vested SAG/AFTRA member, I've been the Voice of 1000s of Television and Radio Commercials in campaigns for Fortune 500 and Most Admired companies, 1000s of Television Promos for Award-Winning Television Networks and Automatic Dialogue Replacement. For the past 5 years, I’ve also voiced 1000s of Corporate Narrations, Medical Narrations, Welcome Videos and Tours, Whiteboard Animations, Explainer Videos, E-Learning Courses, Telephony/IVR/On-Hold Messaging, Radio Station Imaging, Live Broadcast, Children's Audio Books, Medical Books and Book Trailers. I specialize in editing my VO to royalty-free music and clients’ videos. As a former pre-veterinary medical student, veterinary technician and assistant to two preeminent scientists, I have a strong command of medical and scientific terminology. I record from my broadcast level studio with state-of-the-art equipment using pro software, and I always provide exceptional client care.

My voice has been described as genuine, natural, believable, conversational, warm, textured, raspy, sincere, trustworthy, fun, wry, comedic, like the girl-next-door, genuine, caring, motherly, authoritative, dramatic and sexy. I am a warm, friendly, fun, professional, service-oriented hard worker and am known to deliver everything my clients need for the job and exceeding their expectations!


My Experiences Featured in 'Fiverr Online Gig Economy' in The Atlantic, written by award-winning journalist Alana Semuels

Some of my experiences as a VO actor for a couple years on Fiverr are featured in this article published in The Atlantic, written by award-winning journalist Alana Semuels, with whom I have been corresponding for the past few weeks.

"Genevieve Hannon used to be a voice actor in New York City, where she was a member of SAG-AFTRA, which meant that she sometimes made $500 for a quick session doing TV voice-over promos. She made about $85,000 to $100,000 a year, she told me. She eventually left the East Coast to become a veterinary tech in Utah, but when she decided to supplement her income by doing voice-over work online, she had to dramatically lower her rates to find work on Fiverr. At first, she charged just $5 for 100 words of script, which made her feel guilty because she knew she was drastically undercutting union rates. When she started getting good reviews, she slowly raised her rates, and eventually made $17,000 one year. But she felt guilty doing work for multinational companies that had previously hired union actors for much more money, she told me. She was stuck: If she rejoined the union, she wouldn’t get much work, because so many buyers had gone to digital-work sites. But Fiverr didn’t earn her as much money. She eventually got kicked off Fiverr for listing her website in a correspondence with a client, she told me, and in the end, she was glad to leave the site. “It was a real relief to feel like I’m not doing something harmful for the overall good,” she said. Still, now that she’s banned from Fiverr, she’s had to resort to other digital-work sites to sell her services, which she says don’t have the reach of Fiverr."



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